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Help Griffin PAY IT FORWARD with NubAbility Sports Camps for Limb-Different Youth.

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Let's Provide Another Scholarship to NubAbility's Sports Camps!

Hi friends!! Today I received an email telling me that our little Griffin was selected for the Oklahoma pick for the scholarship to attend the NUBABILITY CAMP!! I mean this is so exciting!!! We were given a scholarship for Griffin to attend, but we would like to fundraise for another child to get to attend. When I messaged before I filled out the application I asked “is it okay if he isn’t 4 yet, but will be at camp time?” Their response was YES, as long as he is 4 at camp time, we want to coach them when they are just starting so they know they can do it before anyone tells them they can’t! I mean really what could be better than this for kids with limb differences that are wanting to be athletic!? We all have to be coached in the best way for ourselves and this just gives kids more ways to be successful!! We are very thankful for this opportunity for Griffin and would love to help another child. Thank you all!!!! ❤️

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